Suitcase of Memory

Memories would mingle with my morning tea and sweeten my porridge. They would swirl like incense through my mind, forcing me to stop and breathe them in . . .

Bastian Bredenkamp is dead. But even the dead have secrets. From the grave, Bastian weaves together the extraordinary tale of his life. Bastian, the heir to the Goedleven farm, suffers from a rare condition that allows him to remember everything that has ever happened to him since the day he was born.

When Khadeejathree arrives at the Bredenkamps’ Stellenbosch home on a Thursday in October in the year of Hendrik Verwoerd, she brings with her a world that Bastian has been sheltered from.

But it is her daughter, Rashieda, who captivates the young Bastian. Except, to love her, he will finally have to tell his secret: he is not who he appears to be.


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This is not only one of my favourite novels of 2021; this is one of my favourite novels of the 21st century.

Claire Strömbeck

Suitcase of Memory is a novel of laughter and tears, anger and amazement that lives on beyond the last page.

Mike Nicol